What do I do?


A new project ("startup") which envisions a payment card in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It will count as a tax-free gift by employer for employee ("steuerfreier Sachbezug"). With it we want to strengthen the local solidarity and support local companies.


Status: just started. The website is basically just a landing-page.

KopfÜberWasser (in English: HeadAboveWater)

A coupon-website, on which one could buy coupons for local companies (i.e. restaurants) during the lockdown. Through this the companies got revenues when they couldn't sell. Now, as shops reopen, the buyers of those coupons can exchange them for goods and services.


Status: archived (reason: no more coupons are being bought, as the lockdown has been lifted).

Tech-stack: backend with Django + Postgres. Django also served the registration form. The homepage and the specific shop pages were static pages served by Netlify. The generation a little bit crazy: Django exports jsons with data from the database. Those jsons are used by jekyll to create the static pages.


An open-source API that provides financial data about public, german companies.


Status: inactive (reason: too much work, but data up to 2018 is provided).


An open-source web-app for better management of track & field competitions.


Status: relatively inactive (reason: achieved functionality that I wanted to have, now I want to focus
on other projects